Where's the best place for __________

By far the most frequent question in WAF. We’ve assembled a list of the restaurants most frequently mentioned for each type of food.

I've tried to join, but I was turned down. Help!

WAF administrators screen every member who tries to join WAF. If we can’t see that you’re from the Woodlands / Houston area, or you have a new Facebook account, we typically deny membership to avoid spammers. (We get lots of requests from spammers.)

If you’ve been turned down but you’re a real person, feel free to contact us so we know to be looking for your membership request.

Can we talk about restaurants outside the area?

We discuss all topics of interest to our members. We’ve had reports and photos of restaurants from all over the world.

Can I post an ad for my business?

At one point, we allowed everyone to post ads. As you can imagine, WAF was flooded with ads, and they interfered with discussions.

We do allow a limited number of businesses to sponsor WAF. If you’d like to be a sponsor, please contact Albert.